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Cotton tulle top with an essential and clean line. The rigid and "open" silhouette is the result of a "remittance" of tarlatan positioned at the bottom of the garment and by the application of a silver trimming, discovered by an antique dealer and which acts as a trait d'union between the two different materials. The letters positioned in an apparently random manner across the garment also come from the same precious source. The letters were some of the first monograms to be machine embroidered in the early 1900s instead of by hand. These “Plumetis-Express” are a delightful vintage equivalent to taking a short cut… indeed, they were designed to reduce the long hours normally spent embroidering linen. They come mounted on paper, yellowed from the passing of time. Once positioned onto the fabric and the paper support carefully removed, the monograms are carefully stitched on. These letters blend perfectly with the color of the tulle, and the result is an extremely delicate and sophisticated garment. The round neckline of the top has a keyhole closure at the back and two handmade vintage net ribbons to complete the fastening.

No. 5 Victoria

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